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Atlas is a community-focused craft coffee shop in Littleton, Colorado that was created to love and serve our community.

We hope to be a place where people can come breathe, and where the hustle and tension of everyday life can dissolve, if even for a moment. We wish to be a place that fosters connection and embodies a way of thinking that – instead of closing doors and removing ourselves – we throw them open and engage with the world around us.

We proudly partner with Corvus Coffee - a premier, small-batch roaster based in Colorado. Corvus is committed to providing exceptional beans that are roasted with great intentionality. Corvus trades directly with farmers from around the world who desire to produce superior coffee and collaborates with them to make it happen.

We also believe in the value and importance of stories. Stories of farmers and villages where our coffee is sourced; stories of our staff and their loved ones; stories of the people we serve; stories of the community in which we are rooted; and the ever-evolving story of us as a family-owned coffee shop with a mission.


About Corvus Coffee

Corvus Coffee Co is a Specialty Coffee Roaster in Denver, Colorado that's proud to work with single estate and privately owned farms. Their belief is that farmers can provide themselves with better livelihoods through better coffee, instead of fair trade, organic, or other for-profit certifications to make us feel good in the states.

Corvus firmly believes that the best way to impact farmers is to encourage them to sustainably produce higher-quality coffee. They have brokers on the ground in every area they work with and have full visibility to the farm through these very dedicated people. At the moment Corvus is proud to have direct trade connections with about 85% of all the coffees they bring in. This includes coffees from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, and others. They specialize in very sweet, highly vibrant, and exceptionally clean coffees with a variety of flavors in the final cup.


Corvus is a small-batch roaster, which means they roast two or three times a week and they don't maintain a back-stock of coffee. Their cast-iron Geisen roaster is made by true coffee craftsmen in the Netherlands who made some of the best machines for a larger German manufacturer for many years before splitting off to pursue the craft at an even higher level. 

Corvus has been heavily influenced by the Nordic roasting styles and mindset of the roasters in Norway. For a long time, people viewed roasting in terms of "light" and "dark" when talking about roast profiles. As roasting knowledge has advanced, so has the understanding of what happens to coffee when heat is applied. Our fully manual roaster allows Corvus' roasters to manipulate heat and airflow in a way which increases the development of the bean more quickly at different stages of the roast. The result is a very sweet, flavorful coffee which has no flavor from the roasting process.


Where to find us



11757 W. Ken Caryl Ave.
Unit E
Littleton, CO 80127




M-F 6a–5.30p
Sa & Su 7a–4p

8155 Piney River Ave Littleton, CO 80125




M-F 6a-3p

Sa & Su 7a-3p

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