Coffee's story and where we fit


Coffee has become more than just a hand warming, eye opening beverage for me in the past couple of years. Past the dark sludge I drank  to keep me up during the late night paper writings in college, it has slowly dripped its way into becoming part of my identity.

Coffee represents so much more than a drink we consume. It, in its entirety, represents strings and parts so intertwined, that when you really look at it, it can't help but make this beautiful tapestry. Woven together people and places and stories and history, hundreds of years old. It is a collection of all the hearts and hands that cultivate the being that it is.

A bean, a single coffee bean, holds the world inside it's tiny chaffing. An atlas. a delineation, a guide, a reference to the places it has been and narrative it holds. From the soil it was grown in, to the people who sipped it from a warm ceramic mug.

Atlas Coffee is a place, an abode, nestled here in our little corner, that offers access into this story. At Atlas we have chosen to enter in and offer ourselves into this tapestry; as story tellers and story hearers. Not only do we tell about the product we proudly offer, but we also tell of our own hearts, triumphs and sorrows. We're hearers of the product we proudly offer, and hearers of the hearts, triumphs and sorrows of our customers. We strive to tell the stories of our coffee, like how it was grown in regions of the world created to cradle the soil rich enough to nourish this sweet fruit, and stories of the farmers who painstakingly labor to make their livelihood growing and cultivating.

Atlas stands to love and serve our community. Our heart is to provide a space that welcomes connection; connection to each other, connection to our community, connection to the people and places around the world where our coffee is sourced. We stand as a piece of the tapestry and we invite others in to our story, this story, a story.